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As with all years, 2021 was full of ups and downs for me. That’s what life is all about after all, isn’t it? I accept that and feel grateful for the ups and try to learn something from the downs. This is how I feel complete with 2021 and move forward to 2022 a little wiser, with kindness and enthusiasm.

In the past year, I got trained and certified as a retirement coach. I gained new coaching clients. I went on four trips, two of them to countries I had never before visited. I baked cakes for my friends’ birthdays and celebrated with them. I was unsuccessful romantically. I started working out with a coach and walked/ran a 5K race. I got vaccinated and boosted against Covid and managed to keep it away from me. I successfully managed my property management business with a full roster of happy tenants. With the help of a designer, I launched my new coaching blog and website.

I didn’t achieve some of the goals I had set for myself for my personal and professional life. I will try again in 2022. However, I did learn one big thing. I can’t do everything on my own. Where I asked for help, goals seemed easier to achieve. Thanks to Joan, I have a gorgeous new website. Thanks to Kat, I have gotten stronger physically and now I can run. I take this lesson with me to 2022.

As my romantic life struggled, I learned that being single is not a failure on my part. In his book The Practice of Groundedness, Brad Stulberg asserts that we have to accept where we are so that we can go where we want to go. I am not going to be on the same page with everyone and that’s OK, I accept this. I don’t need to “fix” myself just to fit into a relationship. The right relationship will ultimately find me.

I have renewed commitments for the New Year. These continue to center on personal and professional growth. On the personal front, I will focus on my physical well-being by changing my relationship to working out from something “I have to do” to something “I get to do”. This playful attitude will, hopefully, get me through the Chicago winter and into running shape by the time spring rolls around. Stay tuned for professional announcements as 2022 progresses.

My wish for 2022 is that it brings health, happiness, and prosperity to all. Let’s move past this pandemic that has taken a toll on everyone. Let’s move past the divisions that are tearing our country apart. Let’s all look forward to the New Year with kindness and enthusiasm.

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