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Hi, I am Yasemin. I am a mother, grandmother, sister, friend, life/retirement coach, cancer survivor, lover of life.

In my first career, I connected people to technologies that made their work easier and more accessible. Now, in my second career as coach, I help connect people with their goals and dreams and even themselves. I have completed a coach training program, a mindfulness/meditation teaching program, a foundations of positive psychology program, and a retirement coaching program to qualify for this new career. I love learning and sharing what I learn.

Let’s connect and have a conversation. I’d love to learn about you and your life goals and see how I can help you achieve them.

(PS. With the exception of my portraits, I have taken all pictures on this site.)


"I worked with Yasemin during my career and personal transition. She helped me realize areas in which I was blocking myself. She also helped me create realistic goals and plans – key word being ‘realistic’. She has a gentle, but focused style and offers encouragement at every stage. I have clearer goals and strategies to accomplish those goals. I would highly recommend Yasemin as a coach."


"This was a wonderful experience and came at the right time for me. Yasemin is so genuine and relatable. I really enjoyed learning from her." J.S.


"I worked with Yasemin for about 3 months. To work with Yasemin means you’ll enjoy positive energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. We initially met to dispel the fog that I had around a project. However, when she homed in on my overall habits around developing the project and discovered that my sleeping and eating habits hindered the success of the project. We shifted gears to change my mindset to prioritize health over productivity. Together we developed strategies to be healthier which was pivotal in removing the fog around my project so that I could complete it—and feel good! She was able to help me see and resolve a problem that I didn’t know I had. Thanks Yasemin!" L.H.


"Yasemin helped me through the most challenging time of my work life. As a result of her guidance and collaboration, I reached my goals and had a more confident outlook on my work and personal life. Thank you Yasemin." B.B.


"I really enjoyed working with Yasemin. The coaching session was a safe environment to discuss complex and difficult issues. The experience was very thought provoking." J.G.

Coaching Process

Life coaching is a conversation and it starts with a discovery/sample call. This is where you get to tell me what projects you wish to work on. (Projects can be from any area of your life: e.g. getting ready for retirement; writing a book; starting a business etc.) In this initial conversation we determine if we are a good fit for each other.
Once we agree to work together, we talk once per week either by phone, or Zoom, or in person if you are close by. Your choice! You are also welcome to text or email me as needs arise in between conversations.
Typical contracts run six (6) months and can be extended as needed.

1. What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional who partners with you in getting you to your personal best; making your dreams come true; getting you out of your own way in achieving those dreams.

2. What is retirement coaching?

Retirement coaching is a subset of life coaching, specifically focusing on helping people prepare for this major life transition. If you do a search on retirement on the Internet, 99% of results give you information about financial preparation. However, there’s more to retirement than finances. With coaching, clients prepare for the life changes that inevitably occur with retirement.

3. How does coaching work?

Coaching is project based. First we identify what you would like to accomplish in your life based on your priorities, then we establish goals to bring your projects to a successful completion. Along the way, I support you and hold you accountable.

4. How is a coach different than a psychotherapist?

The goal of therapy is to restore mental health. Coaching on the other hand is future focused. Sure, our past plays an important role in who we are, but with coaching rather than dwelling on old wounds, we learn to put their negative energy aside and focus on future possibilities and how to achieve them.

5. So what exactly does a coach do?

Think of your coach as your mirror, reflecting your goals and aspirations back to you to be sure they match up with who you are in your essence (she will help you find out what your essence is); or your scaffolding to support you to see what is possible in your life outside your comfort zone; or your cheerleader as you aim high with your goals and aspirations and reach them.

6. Do I really need a coach?

Did Michael Jordan need a coach to reach his 6th championship? You are an expert in living your life just the way it is. So you don’t need a coach if you are totally satisfied with your life, but if you have a twitch that asks if there is something better, you might want to explore coaching to get you there.

7. How do I go about getting a coach?

Call 872-356-6290 to reach me and we can start with a sample session, on the house, to see if you like it. There are many referral services for coaches as well, of course. The one I am affiliated with is Accomplishment Coaching.