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Webinars are a quick and informative way to enhance employee wellness and engagement. They can be delivered online or as a lunch-and-learn type (or in the evening) in person event at your organization.

I continue to develop new content, so check back for additional webinars. 

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Benefits and Techniques | A Scientific Approach

One of the contemporary buzzwords is Mindfulness. It is a millennia old tradition that has become popular because now there is sound science that touts its benefits.

One does not have to become a Buddhist monk to practice mindfulness. As this webinar illustrates, benefits range from better health to enhanced happiness.

Life After Work

A Transition

Retirement is a transition, which means it is more of an inner process of acceptance than just no longer going to work. In our society, only the financial aspects of retirement get any attention. But, there are other dimensions to this life transition, such as social and physical, that are just as important.

This webinar focuses on preparing the attendees for the non-financial aspects of retirement. Instead of looking at “what you are retiring from”, it highlights “what you are retiring to.”