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I can’t believe I actually uttered the words “I’m the queen of completions” in public. Especially because just a few months prior, I didn’t even understand this term as it was used in my coach-training program.

Completion is the “releasing of burdensome energy, the opportunity to be present and allowing things to be exactly as they are and are not.” Accomplishment Coaching Training Manual

So what does this have anything to do with being happy? You will recall in my previous blog posts, I wrote about the stories that run through our minds. I mentioned how the stories become our limiting beliefs after a while. I also suggested one way to let go of these stories: mindfulness. Completion is another way to let go of these stories. Or, at least to release the energy of the stories so that you can move past them. Allow me to demonstrate with an example from my own life:

I am truly one of the luckiest people in the world. I have a wonderful life, for which I am eternally grateful. With that said, I have set out to develop a new career in life coaching. In order to make this career generate some income, I need to learn marketing skills and actually ask to be hired, among other things. I realized I was filled with resistance toward these new skills. I kept telling myself (and my coach) my life is great, I don’t need anything else. I’m fine! This story has been keeping me from doing the things I need to do to get clients and earn a living. The more I tell myself, I’m fine, the easier it gets to resist things that are outside of my comfort zone, such as asking to be hired.

Going through a completion exercise raises awareness of what depletes your energy and keeps your focus off of what you really want. In addition, it forces you to declare action steps to move past your comfort zone into the world of possibility.

Remember: Awareness + Action = Results

What are some of the negative energies you carry? These could be old relationships, issues with current relationships, worries about what came to pass or what’s on the horizon. What stories play in your head that keep your life where it is, instead of where you want it to go? Are you ready to be complete with them? Honestly? How do you feel, physically and emotionally, when you think about these things? What keeps you in these stories? What have you learned from these experiences that you can take with you? What are you leaving behind? What seems to keep coming back and what are you going to do about that?

Try to answer these questions with each one of the negative energies you carry. Put your answers in writing. Write as much or as little as you want. Observe how you feel as you write and when you are finished. Some stories are just too ingrained in our being to let go with one exercise. If you are not sure this negative energy is completely behind you, come back to it a few days/weeks later and go through the exercise again.

This exercise works! I challenge you to try it for yourself. If you are not sure you can do this on your own, give me a call. Remember, I’m the queen of completions. See what I did there? I just asked you to hire me as your coach. I’m telling you, it works!

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