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Well, it seems I was a bit ahead of myself in declaring that I had gotten myself a new life, almost to the day last year. Turns out, I’m still working on getting that new life. Between November 2022 and now, I have been dealing with cancer. It’s not over just yet, either. I am grateful that it is a curable kind, but the normal prescription of six rounds of chemo hasn’t cleared all of it. There may be more of that or other treatments in my future. I am feeling strong though so whatever this disease is intent to throw at me, I say: bring it on!

This past year was full of challenges but also lessons. I learned so much about myself.

I learned to accept, even ask for help. I was always proud of my self-sufficiency. But, at some point I was too weak to even shower standing up, let alone fix a meal. I learned that asking for help or support is only human, and I am human. I don’t need to prove that I’m anything more.

I learned I need to pay more attention to my body. I exercise regularly, so when I started to feel weak or fatigued, I just kept trying to push my body instead of listening to what it was telling me. I, possibly, could have caught my cancer before it got to stage 4.

I learned that all the meditating and all the self work I have been doing the last few years have enabled me to accept challenges as they come, instead of panicking or becoming their victim. Acceptance is the first step to overcoming challenges in a calm and strong way.

I learned that being bald is not the worst thing in the world!

Whew! What a year I had… As I enter my 65th year on this planet, I do it with gratitude and hope for a healthy future. I still have much more to live for and contribute.

Much love

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