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This morning, I was reading poems from Mary Oliver’s book A Thousand Mornings. In it, the fox says to Mary “You fuss over life with your clever words, mulling and chewing on its meaning, while we just live it.”

 What is it about us, human beings that we fuss about everything? Why can’t we just live?

 Who knows, your life may be all about working yourself to the bone just so you can feed your children; or it can be about playing the violin to feed the souls of those who come to your concerts; or it can be about selling widgets so you can earn those elusive “six figures” to feed your own ego; or, or, or… Whatever the case may be.

 Do you live?

 I remember the days when I had so much going on in my life: Kids to raise, a full time job to go to, papers to grade for the second job, a house to clean and laundry to do, a husband to attend to. It was a life, but I wasn’t living. But, here’s the thing: I wasn’t living not because I had so much to do. I wasn’t living because I was in my head either regretting something I hadn’t done right or planning something I still had to do. 

The more I listen to Gurus or psychology related podcasts (occupational hazard!), the more I realize that I wasn’t the only one who was trapped in my head. Evidently, it is a human condition. We think so much that we forget to live.

 So today, please take just one moment out of your head and take a deep breath and live. Take just one moment to remind yourself that you are here, on this beautiful planet. There’s no higher purpose for your being than just living your life. Because when you actually live that moment, that feeling will light the lives of your children, your audience, or your clients.

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