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After a long “health break” or “me time” I am back in business. My non-financial retirement planning group program is ready to go and it starts in September. If you are planning to retire soon or have recently retired and past the honeymoon period, this program is for you!

Retirement is a major life transition. While most people plan for it financially, few consider other aspects of retired life. SHAPE refers to these other aspects: Social, Healthy, Accomplished, Purposeful, Engaged. These are the dimensions of well-being based in Positive Psychology.

In conversations with friends and others who are also retired, I hear that they lack a purpose; that they have become lazy; that they miss structure in their lives; that they realize most of their socialization was with work colleagues and now they feel lonely etc. I too went through most of these issues when I first retired. That is exactly why I chose retirement as my coaching focus. I know I can help.

I am offering SHAPE in two ways:
1. As a 6 week program starting Thursday, September 7 at 6:30 PM Central. This is a 6 week program with each session lasting up to 90 minutes.
2. As a 3 week program, starting Saturday, September 9 at 9:00 AM Central. This is a 3 week program with each session lasting up to 3 hours.

Both programs will also include a one hour individual coaching with me, arranged at a mutually convenient time. In addition to understanding each of the five aspects and how they are affected by retirement, participants will have numerous reflective exercises and develop a personal vision statement. Maximum enrollment for each program is 6 people. At only $315.00, this is a small investment you can make in yourself.

Please reach out to me at for more information.

Much love

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