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Yasemin Tunc

Life Coach
This I Believe

We all live our lives based on a set of values, whether they are explicitly chosen or not. Below are some of my values and what they mean to me:


Like most people, I wear a variety of hats in life, but the one hat, mother, fits better than any of the others. But, family is more than my children. I have sons-in-law and grandchildren. Plus, I come from a large family of brothers, aunts/ uncles and cousins and their children. I have friends whom I have known and loved for over 50 years, and some much less. They all are my tribe! I feel a sense of belonging, warmth and love just thinking about any of these people.


Health; physical, mental, and emotional strength; and independence are all a part of this value. I have goals in life and to accomplish them I need to stay healthy and sharp. I work on my body with regular exercise. I work on my brain with meditation and learning new things. I have learned to allow my emotions so that they do not control me.


I try to approach everyone with a sense of compassion. Empathy, generosity and a heart for service have been my cornerstones in my professional and volunteer efforts.


I have accomplished many things in my life because I believe and demonstrate competence, trustworthiness, and reliability. I am committed to personal development so that I can be the best coach I can be as well as fulfilling my love of learning.


Positivity, authenticity, gratitude, honesty, fairness, cleanliness (in my words and deeds) are some of the other values I practice and live by.