Building a Life After Work

On Purpose with Positivity and Fulfillment

A group program for learning and sharing.

Starts on Thursday, October 7 at 4:30-6 PM Central Time

Lasts for 5 consecutive weeks.

This program is only open to 5 people.

Registration is now open.

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Retirement is a personal transition.

There is more to this new life than simply having enough money to survive. This program will:

a) explore common pitfalls of retired life and how to be prepared for them, and

b) explore the 5 dimensions of well being according to Positive Psychology in order to live a fulfilled life

Benefits and Features

I. Understand the transition process

II. Understand retirement pitfalls and how not to fall in them

III. Develop resiliency, patience, presence, and self love

IV. Learn to let go, accept, allow, and thrive

V. Create a plan for life after work

This group program is only open to the first 5 registrants.

It includes 5 hour and a half (90 minute) group zoom sessions and 1 one hour individual coaching.

Introductory price is $495 per person.

Registration is now open:


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